Thursday, April 26, 2007

London & Jason

Well, imagine! How long it is since i last posted darlings. Whatever have you been doing without me? No, don't say. I prefer to think of you pining with your pc locked onto my blog, forever waiting...

The 'Royal' thing to which i referred and i know you're all anxious to hear about, has been barred from publication from... Them. You know who. So, whilst i would love to tell you about my escapades in a Royal household, rolls in the hay at the country seat and certain initiation ceremonies known only to Them, i simply cannot. My lips are sealed, all over. Well, not completely sealed, obviously. I mean, there are other areas in the land, aren't there? One must not lay idle oh dear no. So, here's what i've been up to.

Jason, my new beau, has been wining and dining me all over town (yes i'm back in London). He buys me things, perfume, clothes, jewellery, lots and lots of CDs for the new system he installed at my flat - oh yes i've moved house!

I live in Holland Park. At last. Surrounded by like minds, well almost. Only YOU know what's really in mine. Chortle. Let's keep it that way. So! Where was I? Oh yes the flat. Jase pays half the mortgage which i'm so not having. Not for long anyway. He reckons he wants to marry me but, well, i'm not the marrying kind am I? Give me a bit longer and i'll pay the whole thing myself.

Independence, that's what i'm after. He's good for some other things, of course. Except, (look over my shoulder) sshhh! He's a bit... lacking. You know! Challenged. Not acorn size, no no, not that serious, i'd have been off by now like shit off a hot shovel oh no but it's not exactly... fulfilling. So. It's me, Jason and his little friend. The good news though is that he's a cunning linguist. A very cunning one and i make most use of that.

Jason's in property, which is how he got me the flat. It's large, three bedrooms and a bit. The bit is where i ... keep stuff. It's barred from Jase but he's cool with it. He knows not what i have in there. The outside is a ghastly pale pink colour which i may change at some point but i'd have to get permission from the others in the building. One old dear called Gladys. Yes, really! Above her, i've noticed a gorge looking man who's hardly ever here. MUST find out more.

Oh Jason's just come in.

"Okay, coming!" I call.

I WILL be....! in about ten minutes i think after he removes my panties and gets that expert tongue of his to work.

What am i wearing? Today, it's a little diamond g-string he picked up for me. Black with two diamonds at the back and ten, yes TEN at the front. It's a dry clean only item i assure you, with insurance. The ladies at the dry cleaners really give me the eye when i take it in. I'm decent enough to let it dry first. It does get absolutely sopping.

Hang on while i pull on my kaftan. No it's not as sad as it sounds, it's silken, chocolate brown and torn. Ha ha yes it's torn! He likes it that way and adds a tear to it each time. Tousle up my hair a bit, bare feet. Inside he does not like heels. Very sure about that, which makes a bit of a change, to be fair. I'll pad across the wooden floor in a second, open his trousers and plant a loving circle of red lip print around his cock before he lays me flat across the kitchen table, legs splayed.

"Right, hon' - right there!" I call.

Must go. Won't leave it so long i prom', my darlings. Keep checking in, because, you can be sure - I'M BACK! XX kisses.

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