Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Country Girl

Well since writing last, my sister Delores - yes I know dreadful isn’t it, we call her Del – she insisted I visit her in deepest Gloucestershire for some ‘thinking time’ as she put it. What a long snore, I thought. Nothing goes on in her village, except meetings about the church roof. Well anyway I gave in and here I am. First, though, I have to fill you in about my footballer date as I know you’re dying for the score. Fit, he certainly was. Vain? My God, sneaking a look in every window we passed and I swear he wore more cosmetics products than I can afford.

In for a penny, though, so I dressed up my newly waxed body to meet him for dinner. I won’t bore you with the menu. Let’s get on to afterwards, when all thoughts of my Ex seemed to fly from my mind when, back at his place, he proceeded to take my clothes off in record time, with my last, lacey coverings being torn off with his teeth. Totally ruined, they were, but who cared? I was in heaven as his tongue darted in through the delicate threads. I was still standing at this point and legs were weakening. Picking me up in his able arms, he threw me onto the bed whilst slipping on a condom after which several hours were spent in various positions of gym practise. I tell you reader, I’m an adequate squash player yet this workout was unmatched.

Although massively exciting at the time, there were several disappointments. Small cock for a start, yes I know it’s how they use it, but if bouncing up and down instead of in and out of me as far as I’d hoped floats your boat, then you’re fine. Me, I can do without a tanned body, rippling with muscles doing press-ups over me whilst grinning into his many mirrors. Really put me off, reader. I could have been anyone, I only came once and that was with assistance from my own trusty fingers. Reflections were everywhere. His flat was amazing really. Professional footballers have the cash, for sure. His building housed a pool in the basement and the final nail in the goal was when he announced he couldn’t swim since he’d had his legs waxed the previous day. To me, that’s not a man. Chalk it up to experience and move on.

Back to the snoozy countryside then. No don’t drop off, Reader. I have some surprises. Last night while my boring sis was at yet another community meeting, I wandered down to the village inn. Convinced of utter tedium, I wore only jeans and a tee. A low one, though, with my ample breasts aching to be seen. Well, you never know, and my ‘thinking time’ is a little overworked. Well, all heads turned to me as I walked in. My own head nearly spun off its axis as I clocked those around the bar. Real men. Sweaty from working the land, untamed hair all over their bodies, I met farmers, builders, a cute barman barely of age and a thatcher. Oh, the thatcher. He made me try the ale and several hazy sups later, he offered me a stagger home. Outside, against the wall, I kissed him, tucking my hands down the back of his workaday jeans. Strong lips and an earthy, beery smell, dear Reader, saw me, in no time at all, being backed up against the wall, his hands yanking down my jeans with sturdy, man fingers probing my city triangle. Again and again, he thrusted until I came, gasping into the still, night air.

Well, wet isn’t the word. But sister is. Around the corner she came, stopping still, pushing her specs back along her nose with mouth open at the sight of me with denim around ankles, bra askew with country worker attached firmly to my mouth, grunting, yes fully grunting his approval. I extracted myself reluctantly like the naughty younger sibling I am and returned home with her, hedgerows spinning amidst her aural assault of complaints at my behaviour. The country, though, Reader, holds much in its grasp. Don’t underestimate it. Mr. Thatcher has told me where he is working today and I’m, as I write, just pulling on a sweet country dress I’ve raided from Del’s wardrobe. Simple flip flops and I can’t wait to see him in action. Wish me a thorough, rough roll in the hay, do. I’ll tell you all about it later.

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Anonymous newsjunkie said...

Can't wait! This is really good. More please!!!!

8 November 2006 at 14:41  

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